Monday, October 14, 2013

an afternoon at the apple orchard.

we haven't had a free weekend in over a month! so, we decided to forget all our responsibilities and go apple picking with john's family over the weekend. what a good way to relax! there's something about that farm/corn field/aging apple scent that makes my tense shoulders drop 5 inches.
it was colder and rainier than predicted, but we didn't care in the least. i think we picked close to 
35-pounds of apples- cortland {my favorite!}, macs, macouns, and golden delicious. to say we are making loads of apple dishes in the next few days is a bit of an understatement! we definitely made apple crips as soon as we got home.

niece brielle, teething on her first apple. i can't believe i didn't catch a picture of her smile, because she was full of them. i think she's a fan of fruit. 

 my handsome, bearded man.

our niece, little abby, snatching as many low-hanging apples as she could carry. she ever-so diligently place them in the sorted bags in our radio flyer wagon too. 
this weekend was so relaxing and refreshing- such a blessing. 
if you're out there and reading this, i've been absent from blogging for months . . . prioritizing and refocusing in a hectic, demanding schedule. it feels good to be writing again!

Friday, July 12, 2013

diy: a work in progress.

these chairs {we have a pair} were free at a yardsale a few months back. i found a craigslist ad for 4 outdated office chairs and emailed the advertiser, who said we could pick them up the next morning at his garage sale. well, by the time we got to the garage sale at its exact start time, 2 of the chairs were already gone. humph. the remaining 2 were still sitting in the driveway, so we took them. they were free, right?

once we got them home, we realized why they were such a bargain . . . dingy, dingy. for a while i really wanted to salvage the wool material because, wow, it could be so cool, but both the metal frames and the upholstery needed a major overhaul. so, that's what we did. a visit to ikea for material {did you KNOW that they have material?! i was floored!} and 2 cans of metallic spray paint later, and ba-bam: new pair of chairs.

we're really pleased with the results- even if they don't look so amazing in my inlaws' basement. just a few more steps left . . . we still need to finish the arm rests and tuft the seats. this was our second attempt at upholstering- the first is a rocker that i'll share in the near future as well!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

new obsession: antique enamel tubs

months ago, i discovered this inspiring holiday party image on pinterest.

i confess, i've been mildly obsessed with antique enamel bathing tubs ever since. i love the idea of chilling drinks in it while hosting a fun party for family and friends. i've since found a few on etsy {none to be found on our local craigslist yet!}, but they all have come with a pretty hefty price tag.

etsy find 1 // 2- both for more than $300 a piece.  sigh- out of my budget. has anyone come up with a good way to DIY/rehab/fake one of these?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

we had our pictures taken.

a couple weeks ago, john's family arranged for a photographer {who is also a family friend} to come to his parent's home to update their family photos. the last time they had photographs taken together was over a holiday weekend way back when there was only one grandchild and we weren't even dating, never mind married! the forecast promised rain, but it held off until well after we were finished our afternoon session. so thrilled! i love that we have these captured memories taken at my in-law's home.

a cute, candid moment  together.

my three precious nieces! and that little baby- oh, man- such a tiny snuggle muffin.

 a funny moment with the original 5. 

so thankful for these moments. not a bad looking bunch, either, if i do say so myself! ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

home pin love.

i've been on a pinterest kick as of late . . . dreaming about home decorating, again. again. i've especially got a thing for geometric shapes and pops of color against neutral tones.

oh, and daylight. lots and lots of daylight. definitely a must on the imaginary house shopping list.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

mother's day weekend.

to my mother, john's mother, and all the other amazingly, selfless women out there who give up so much for their kids every single day- THANK YOU!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

tiny blessings

so, we have a brand new, tiny family member here in new hampshire . . . our precious niece, brielle. it took a while for her to come join us, so we got to spend some one-on-one time with niece abby while her parents were at the hospital. johnny was especially attentive to her- pushed her for what seemed like hours on the swing, played in the dirt and chased her around the yard. oh, my heart, how cute they were together. but nothing really compared to seeing how little abby adored her new sister!

new baby snuggles. sigh!
and {below} keeping an excited little abby occupied during a rather adult brunch before a saturday hospital visit to her parents . . . how that little one missed her family.

welcome to the world, tiny brielle. we love you lots and lots already!