Sunday, June 13, 2010

gaga & chemistry is a bad romance

i really didn't like chemistry in high school
{i was more a language arts/music geek}.
my chemistry teacher
was a tiny, 5-foot former nun who was old enough
to be my grandmother.
she always wore sweater vests and orthopedic shoes
and only let us use one paper towel to dry our hands after washing them.
she was sweet a pie and ultra reserved,
but had a tendency to overwhelm herself with the demands of grading, college recommendations
and other school activities.
occasionally, she would have an absolute
freak out
at the class
{sometimes a dry erase marker was thrown across the room}.
if this had come from any of my other teachers,
i would have been worried.
but when my 5-foot former nun chemistry teacher
flipped her lid,
it was so funny that we would sit in the back of the class,
laughing so hard that we cried.
back to gaga: i'm not a huge fan of the fame monster either
{though probably more than i was a fan of chemistry}.
but this little chart may have
helped this high school choir geek memorize
the periodic table of elements
faaaaaaar more quickly.
despite my lack of seriousness,
my grades were still pretty darn good.
and i know what i said about
not really liking gaga . . .
she's just a little too much pop for me.
but thiiiiiis cover is pretty great.
and the bassist looks just like
my dad did back in the day . . .
no lie.

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