Monday, April 2, 2012

a few days with my momma.

first of all, i did bake a cake . . . chocolate. so, so good.
we spent a lovely couple of days catching up together,
momma, johnny and me.
laughing and showing her around our favorite spots here in town.
and a disappointment that turned into a happy opportunity-
the line at our beloved pancake pantry was just too long for our hungry
stomachs, so we caught sunday lunch at noshville . . .
which turned into my introduction to the most delicious french toast. score!
it was a three whole months since i had seen her last.
our visit together didn't last nearly long enough,
but it was a sweet little taste of life together until the next time
we get to see one another . . . hopefully, all those momma hugs
will hold me over for a little while.
p.s. did any of you get tricked on april 1st? i'm not a good liar at all, so i didn't even attempt a fool,
but i watched my brother get my mother reallllly good over the phone.
i also stopped taking anything on twitter or facebook to heart.
seriously, how many pretend pregnancy announcements can a girl take???


Jordan said...

that cake looks yummy!

LeahJo said...

mmmmm...french toast sounds good about now. Looks like you guys enjoyed your time together. Hoping time for you doesn't take long to see her again. :)