Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a simple handmade birthday card.

yet another example of my love of versatile construction paper.
johnny's grandpa's birthday celebration was this weekend
and even though we couldn't be in NH to share in the festivities,
we wanted to send a personal note of well-wishes for another splendid year
{"of health, happiness and golf," as mr. wonderful put it}.
grandpa wallace is the jovial sort and i wanted to make sure
his birthday card was equally as cheerful.
since we have a tradition of making handmade cards in our family,
i couldn't wait to make a bunting card for him.
it was admittedly a simple card to craft, but still cute as a button.
happy birthday, grandpa wallace!


Audria said...

Happy birthday to him! I'm sure he'll love that card, it's so simple yet cute and creative. Maybe I should try making one for my dad's birthday

Lisa said...

very cute!

Kate said...

I am making one, they so are cute and i'm adding some extra writing at the top ("you are the best grandad in the world!")