Saturday, June 22, 2013

we had our pictures taken.

a couple weeks ago, john's family arranged for a photographer {who is also a family friend} to come to his parent's home to update their family photos. the last time they had photographs taken together was over a holiday weekend way back when there was only one grandchild and we weren't even dating, never mind married! the forecast promised rain, but it held off until well after we were finished our afternoon session. so thrilled! i love that we have these captured memories taken at my in-law's home.

a cute, candid moment  together.

my three precious nieces! and that little baby- oh, man- such a tiny snuggle muffin.

 a funny moment with the original 5. 

so thankful for these moments. not a bad looking bunch, either, if i do say so myself! ;)


Ashley R said...

Your outfit is perfection. I am sort of obsessed with the larger family photo- so different in a GREAT way.

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