Friday, July 12, 2013

diy: a work in progress.

these chairs {we have a pair} were free at a yardsale a few months back. i found a craigslist ad for 4 outdated office chairs and emailed the advertiser, who said we could pick them up the next morning at his garage sale. well, by the time we got to the garage sale at its exact start time, 2 of the chairs were already gone. humph. the remaining 2 were still sitting in the driveway, so we took them. they were free, right?

once we got them home, we realized why they were such a bargain . . . dingy, dingy. for a while i really wanted to salvage the wool material because, wow, it could be so cool, but both the metal frames and the upholstery needed a major overhaul. so, that's what we did. a visit to ikea for material {did you KNOW that they have material?! i was floored!} and 2 cans of metallic spray paint later, and ba-bam: new pair of chairs.

we're really pleased with the results- even if they don't look so amazing in my inlaws' basement. just a few more steps left . . . we still need to finish the arm rests and tuft the seats. this was our second attempt at upholstering- the first is a rocker that i'll share in the near future as well!