Monday, October 14, 2013

an afternoon at the apple orchard.

we haven't had a free weekend in over a month! so, we decided to forget all our responsibilities and go apple picking with john's family over the weekend. what a good way to relax! there's something about that farm/corn field/aging apple scent that makes my tense shoulders drop 5 inches.
it was colder and rainier than predicted, but we didn't care in the least. i think we picked close to 
35-pounds of apples- cortland {my favorite!}, macs, macouns, and golden delicious. to say we are making loads of apple dishes in the next few days is a bit of an understatement! we definitely made apple crips as soon as we got home.

niece brielle, teething on her first apple. i can't believe i didn't catch a picture of her smile, because she was full of them. i think she's a fan of fruit. 

 my handsome, bearded man.

our niece, little abby, snatching as many low-hanging apples as she could carry. she ever-so diligently place them in the sorted bags in our radio flyer wagon too. 
this weekend was so relaxing and refreshing- such a blessing. 
if you're out there and reading this, i've been absent from blogging for months . . . prioritizing and refocusing in a hectic, demanding schedule. it feels good to be writing again!

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lo said...

soo cute and soo much fun!! we just went too :)